Salvador Dali

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Noun1.Salvador Dali - surrealist Spanish painter (1904-1989)
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Our resting place is the area's only decent hotel, Tayka del Desierto, powered by a simple generator and exposed to a raging wind responsible for sculpting a Daliesque landscape of rocks hewn into petrified trees.
The metal remains of a mangled car found place of pride in a Daliesque sculpture and polystyrene packaging material became little cubes of mosaic in a painting.
His exquisite caramel toned hide hung mindlessly over the gaping wound like a Daliesque nighterror.
According to the doomsday clock hanging precariously on NCUA's wall, the industry is running out of time to cure this Salvador Daliesque rulemaking psychosis.
Driftwood casts a Daliesque shadow across Formby Beach in the autumn sunshine
One briefcase melts down the stairs in a Daliesque droop, another attache curves on its hinges.
Survey" consists of six written interpretations of a single frontal view (itself repeated six times) of a decaying plaster surface: The etiolated image would be impossible to identify without the texts and the Daliesque title.