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A member of the lowest class in traditional Indian society, falling altogether outside the Hindu caste categories and subject to extensive social restrictions.

[Hindi dalit, crushed, oppressed, from Sanskrit dalita-, past passive participle of dalayati, to cause to burst, variant of darayati, he splits, derived form (probably a denominative of -daraḥ, smasher, as in puraṃdaraḥ, citadel-smasher, an epithet of Indra) of darati, he splits; see der- in Indo-European roots.]

Da′lit adj.


(Hinduism) a member of the lowest class in India, whom those of the four main castes were formerly forbidden to touch. Formerly called (offensive): untouchable
[from Hindi, from Sanskrit dalita, literally: oppressed]
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The newly-elected member of Gujarat Assembly said a nationwide movement would be launched on the issues faced by the youth in general and Dalits in particular.
Summary: Timeline: Atrocities against Dalits in the last one year
And in the new year, the Dalits and the marginalised have decisively won the Second Battle of Koregaon against latter-day Peshwas and their cohorts.
Social justice must be ensured in this country and targeting of dalits should be stopped.
Gujarat Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani yesterday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi if Dalits in the country had a right to hold peaceful protest rallies and urged him to speak up on the violence against the community in the last three years.
Spread across the columns of national regional and local dailies are the life stories of dehumanising behaviour meted out to those at the base and known as Dalits.
The intention is clear -- to unite one and all, negating the ill effects of caste divide and discrimination that keeps the Dalits apart.
Modi was forced to show sympathy to Dalits because of the political heat he and his party is feeling these days in Gujarat, the home state of Modi which goes to the polls next year along with UP.
The access to credit is the major impediment for dalit entrepreneurs, and Kamble wanted government to relax credit norms for dalits.
While the former view assumed a "collective life" in which Dalits experienced denial, exploitation, and suffering because of ideological segregation based on purity and pollution, the later stream of theological thought reflected upon the "symbolic representation" of Dalit life to show Dalit celebration of life.
How have Christian Dalits expressed sociopolitical dissent through reclamation of Indian folk music?
As members of the lowest rank of Indian society, Dalits face discrimination everywhere--from access to education and medical assistance to restrictions on where they can live, what jobs they can have, who they may marry, what they may eat, etc.