Dalmatian dog

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(Zool.) a carriage dog, shaped like a pointer, and having black or bluish spots on a white ground; the coach dog.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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TFI Envision's team began researching everything from the architecture of fire stations, to signage, fireman's uniforms, fire station interiors, bunkrooms, fire engines and fire station life, and even the classic Dalmatian dog breed that was so readily represented in fire stations dating back to the 1800s.
The little Dalmatian dog has been nicknamed "Spot" and an online search was launched by Neil Hare, a health care support worker at Dumfries Infirmary.
During the video clip, released yesterday by Merseyside Police, the robbers casually walked past the family Dalmatian dog, tapping it menacingly with a crowbar before continuing along the hall.
"She saw a dalmatian dog on the stairs and a man hunkered over a box in one of the rooms downstairs used as a sewing room.
A DALMATIAN dog bit a mum, causing her to lose control of her pram and send it rolling towards a road, a court has heard.
A one year old male Dalmatian dog weighing 22.7 kg was presented for treatment of anamnesis with episodic coughing, severe acute progressive dyspnea, respiratory distress, panting, fever, exercise intolerance, lethargy and nasal discharge for past 10-15 days.
A SCHOOLBOY was allegedly attacked by a Dalmatian dog after it escaped from a friend's house.
Sydney, Ramadan 22, 1433, Aug 10, 2012, SPA -- A newborn lamb with rare black spots that was abandoned by its mother on an Australian farm has been adopted by a Dalmatian dog with almost identical markings, dpa quoted news reports as saying Friday.
The Dalmatian dog is an authentic Croatian dog named after the Croatia coast and Croatia is not part of Balkans, as much as western countries like to put Croatia in that context.
Norling, who enjoys collecting dolls and Dalmatian dog figurines.
(13,14) In a Dalmatian dog model, decreased urinary excretion of 2 urine inhibitors of crystallization, Tamm-Horsfall protein and glycosaminoglycans, were found in dogs with a tendency to develop uric acid calculi.
London, Feb 23 (ANI): A video featuring a Dalmatian dog riding a bicycle has become a YouTube sensation.