Dalmatian dog

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(Zool.) a carriage dog, shaped like a pointer, and having black or bluish spots on a white ground; the coach dog.

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A DALMATIAN dog bit a mum, causing her to lose control of her pram and send it rolling towards a road, a court has heard.
A SCHOOLBOY was allegedly attacked by a Dalmatian dog after it escaped from a friend's house.
Sydney, Ramadan 22, 1433, Aug 10, 2012, SPA -- A newborn lamb with rare black spots that was abandoned by its mother on an Australian farm has been adopted by a Dalmatian dog with almost identical markings, dpa quoted news reports as saying Friday.
The Dalmatian dog is an authentic Croatian dog named after the Croatia coast and Croatia is not part of Balkans, as much as western countries like to put Croatia in that context.
Norling, who enjoys collecting dolls and Dalmatian dog figurines.
London, Feb 23 (ANI): A video featuring a Dalmatian dog riding a bicycle has become a YouTube sensation.
I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the vets at Park Veterinary group of Sanatorium Road, Canton, Cardiff, who made my Dalmatian dog Jimbo better.
THE Dalmatian dog, right, takes its name from the Croatian province of Dalmatia, from where it is thought to have originated.
The RSPCA released shocking pictures last night of a young dalmatian dog found suspended from a tree.
I did an example, showing them how they could glue parts of a scanned photograph onto their drawings and then build their compositions around the magazine clues--I used the head of a woman and a Dalmatian dog to help get my drawing started mad then built the scene around those two parts.
One we visited, hiding amid the lime trees of the tiny village of Zaostrog, even boasts the very first known painting, unsigned but dated 1724, of the famous Dalmatian dog.