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(ˈdeɪ li)

(John) Augustin, 1838–99, U.S. playwright, critic, and theatrical manager.
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Daly in Toronto, who boarded a spell with me two years ago.
hl=en&taken-by=siriouslydelicious) Siri Daly , also remembered her mother-in-law and how they would always wake up on Thanksgiving morning to the sound of her pots and pans clicking.
Daly applies recent research in psychology, neuroscience, and phenomenology to defend Merleau-Pontian intersubjectivity as an antidote to destructiveness, and as a necessary supplement to ethical norms.
Michelle's competed at 105 before so I'm going to be a lot bigger and I'll probably have a strength advantage as well," said Daly.
Biosimilars company Coherus BioSciences (NasdaqGM:CHRS) reported on Monday the addition of Jim Daly as executive chairman of its Commercial Advisory Committee.
Daly has never been one to confine himself to the golf course.
The Daly Show will feature four hours of great music, and exclusive interviews with the biggest and brightest names in music, hosted by one of our most influential music personalities - Carson Daly.
As a feminist emerging out of a Catholic context in the 1960s, Daly was a true iconoclast.
Daly was raised in the Catholic Church and she attended Catholic schools and universities.
Swing coach Rick Smith described Daly as being in a "toxic state" after seeing him shoot an 88 at the Buick Open.
Murder squad detectives today revealed that Mr Daly, aged 31, was a small-time cannabis dealer and they were looking to see whether that was a motive for his murder.