Dama dama

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Noun1.Dama dama - small Eurasian deerDama dama - small Eurasian deer      
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
Dama, genus Dama - fallow deer
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We studied prenatal and postnatal growth rates and maternal effects in fallow deer (Dama dama) populations in free-ranging habitats in the Carpathian Basin.
The fallow deer is considered to be one genus and one species, Dama dama. However, the small original population surviving in Iran is larger in both body and horn, so some biologists believe it should be considered a subspecies.
13) Athyma kasa parakasa (Semper); 14) Pantoporia dama dama (Moore); 15) Lasippa illigera illigera (Eschscholtz);
Also up for sale are 30 Dama dama, fallow deer, which were brought over in the 1970s from Germany.
The programme was partly devoted to guests from abroad (a recital by the pianist Vicki Ray, clarinettist Jean-Marc Foltz, and an appearance by the Portuguese Misso ensemble from Lisbon), and partly to domestic musicians (concerts from the Mondschein Ensemble, Dama Dama, and Ars Incognita, a concert of pieces by students at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts, and a production of two student operas) as well as a Czech-American opera project that bridged the division between the two sides.