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(Placename) a city in NE Egypt, in the Nile delta. Pop: 229 000 (2005 est)


(ˌdɑ mɑnˈhur)

a city in N Egypt, near Alexandria. 226,000.
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I was born in Damanhur in 1943, and my father, Youssef Ghorab, was a police officer.
May, of Crestone, Colorado, used a MIDI/synthesizer known as a Damanhur Music of the Plants device to detect bioelectric current variations and convert them to sounds audible and recognizable to the human ear, putting this CD into the genre of Biomusic.
EXCELLENT INSECT REPELLENT For the last couple of years, since visiting Damanhur in Italy, I have struck a deal with any resident wasps.
thesis, 583 pages, al-Azhar University, Damanhur branch, 2007); the whole Mukhtasar has been edited by Ayman al-Salama (M.
Mokhtar Jumaa, the minister of Waqfs, who is in charge of mosques in Egypt, said that the mosque in the town of Damanhur, has been renamed "Al Rahma", Arabic for mercy, and that a committee has been set up to take care of the site.
The week is also planned to be extended to Damanhur, Ismailia, and Minya in June, and Aswan in September.
Nearly muted, these dark, shaky videos capture events in February-March 2011, when revolutionary protesters broke into state security buildings in Cairo and Damanhur.
Zuwail was born in the Egyptian Delta province of Damanhur in 1946.
Zewail was born in the city of Damanhur, 160 km (100 miles) northwest of Cairo.
A convenience sample of 50 professors working in two faculties of commerce, one at Alexandria University and the other at Damanhur University, were used for the pilot study.
org/en/what-is-damanhur) (Note: According to the Damanhur website, they were founded in 1975); "ZEGG--a place for living and learning," ZEGG: Center for Experimental Cultural and Social Design, accessed April 30, 2016, http://www.
As an example, Behiera Water and Wastewater Co replaced the antiquated Damanhur water distribution network in Egypt to reduce the amount of non-revenue water and improve the overall management of the distribution network.