Damascus blade

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a sword or scimiter, made chiefly at Damascus, having a variegated appearance of watering, and proverbial for excellence.

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References in classic literature ?
The one thing he really cared for in this world was his hobby of armored weapons, especially Eastern weapons, and he would talk for hours about Damascus blades and Arab swordmanship.
With two hard steels and a softer steel between them, the metals work together to create a Damascus blade that is flexible with more give.
From there you can upgrade to machined G10 handles and an all-black blade, or go over the top with a high-definition Damascus blade and checkered Cocobolo wood handle.
Dual Core's layered and fold-forged Damascus blade is made of 71 alternating micro layers of high carbon, high chromium VG10 & VG2 stainless steels.
Your Damascus blade with the Osage orange handle is beautiful.
FOLDING POCKET KNIFE with brass guard and Damascus blade by Purdy Gun & Rifle Makers of London, $325; Circle Seven Outpost & Provisions, 110-A Manndsale Park Drive, Madison, 601.
One of the two Ross Tyser collector knives is a Tactical Master, with a double-edge 384 layer 1084 and 15n20 Damascus blade in a twist pattern.
The wavy pattern of the blade gives the look of a hand-beaten Damascus blade while providing strength and protection from staining, scarring or pitting.
About the size of a poker chip, the Civilianaire comes in white Angel and black Demon versions, each equipped with a friction-lock swing-out hawkbill stainless Damascus blade.
The wavy pattern of the 410A stainless steel gives each knife the look of a hand-beaten Damascus blade.
The tour de force is the Kirkidashi model, another Rexroat design featuring an exquisite Japanese inspired, hand-forged Damascus blade.
He makes a mean but dressy tactical folder with a Damascus blade and Michael Walker-style liner-lock mechanism.