Damascus steel

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Damascus steel

An early form of steel having wavy markings, developed in Near Eastern countries and used chiefly in sword blades.

Damascus steel


damask steel

(Metallurgy) history a hard flexible steel with wavy markings caused by forging the metal in strips: used for sword blades

Damas′cus steel′

hand-wrought steel etched to reveal the grain: used esp. for sword blades.
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Noun1.Damascus steel - a hard resilient steel often decorated and used for sword blades
steel - an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range
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On the contrary, he must attack and fall upon them with a gallant bearing and a fearless heart, and, if possible, vanquish and destroy them, even though they have for armour the shells of a certain fish, that they say are harder than diamonds, and in place of swords wield trenchant blades of Damascus steel, or clubs studded with spikes also of steel, such as I have more than once seen.
In February, Damascus launched large-scale operation codenamed Damascus Steel to liberate the Eastern Ghouta area from terrorists formerly known as the al-Nusra Front movement.
His passion is rooted in his fascination for Damascus steel, a highly-prized metal, valued for its strength and beauty.
An avid believer in the careful preservation of history, the collector has given several lectures at MIA on Islamic weapons in general and on Damascus steel, as well as on his experience in restoration.
com/trump-putin-edition-nokia-3310-available-2250-titanium-body-damascus-steel-pattern-2562511) Trump-Putin Edition Nokia 3310 Available For $2,250 With Titanium Body, Damascus Steel Pattern
Instead of the plastic shell, the new luxury phone has a Titanium body with a Damascus steel pattern.
Rick combines three steels to make his decorative, yet strong Damascus steel in-house: 15N20, a steel with a 2 percent high nickel content that produces the bright contrast of Damascus; L6, a hard special-purpose steel; and 1095 Hi-Carbon Steel, which is a durable, softer material.
Fishbone hand works every knife himself, including the Damascus steel.
This year the company has added color-casehardening and superbly rich bluing to its list of custom options, which currently include all the traditional and tactical 1911 options as well as Damascus steel slides, mammoth ivory and mammoth tooth grips, and the purchaser's choice of Cerakote color.
The Reader Forum of the January 2016 issue had comments on shooting old shotguns with Damascus steel barrels.
The King gave the Russian president a sword made of Damascus steel.
Damascus steel has become something of a cult, but most modern blades are welded compromises of some sort; the aim is to reproduce a compliant blade with a hard edge that keeps its sharpness.