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 (dăm′ə-vănd′, dä′mä-vänd) also Dem·a·vend (dĕm′ə-vĕnd′)
A peak, 5,671 m (18,606 ft) high, in the Elburz Mountains of northern Iran northeast of Tehran. It is the highest elevation in the range.
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A 10-MW solar power plant was built in Shamsabad and another 7-MW power plant in Damavand as a result of cooperation between an Iranian company and a French firm," Head of Power Distribution Company of Tehran Haji Reza Teimouri said on Wednesday.
Caption: DEATH THROES--Eighteen days after colliding with a breakwater at Bandar Enzeli in the Caspian, the warship Damavand rolled over, as seen above, and sank Sunday.
The Iranian navy's 100-meter long warship, called Damavand, crashed at the harbor town of Bandar Anzali during stormy seas on January 10, which claimed the lives of two crew members.
Damavand Petrochemical Company (DPC), a subsidiary of National Petrochemical Company (NPC), is undertaking the construction of Damavand Petrochemical Plant project in Pars Energy Special Economic Zone, Asaluyeh Second Phase, Booshehr, Iran
Up until several decades ago, only seven of them remained: one in a secret cave on Mount Qasioun in Damascus, another in the Zagros Mountains in southwest Iran, the third in the Atlas Mountains in the Maghreb, the fourth on Mount Saint Catherine, Egypt, the fifth is in the Himalayas, the sixth is at the summit of Mount Damavand, in north-central Iran, and the seventh near the Alamut Fortress in the Daylam Mountains.
In another study conducted among people over 18 years in Damavand city, only two variables of gender and marital status is related to ways to pass leisure time and no relationship was found between other variables and leisure time (13).
Make sure you look out of the plane window as you land because the sight of the sprawling metropolis is mind-blowing - and try to spot the stunning Mount Damavand, a volcano that's Iran's tallest peak at 18,410ft.
British Airways' recommendations include the modern metropolis of Tehran with its magnificent mosques, ancient fortresses, regal palaces, temples, and dozens of museums; Darband, a very popular destination for day-trippers from Tehran; Mount Damavand, the highest mountain in the Middle East at 5,671 m, Alborz mountains with its excellent ski resorts, and the several beautiful beach resorts.
23 July 2016 - 17:06 chaff to Be Installed on Iran's Damavand Destroyers Chaff has been installed on all destroyers and missile launchers, including Damavand Destroyer:Sayyari Chaff is radar countermeasure in which aircraft or other targets spread a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallized glass fiber or plastic, which either appears as a cluster of primary targets on radar screens or swamps the screen with multiple returns.
The agreement for cooperation with Siemens will be inked soon," said Deputy Head of Andoukhteh Shahed Institute's Board of Directors Mohammadreza Ayatollahi added, noting that the German company will finance the major power plant in Damavand city.
Muscat: A team of seven Omani hikers travelling in a group called 'Outward Bound Oman' is aiming to reach the summit of Mount Damavand, an extinct volcano in northern Iran, and the highest peak in West Asia and the Middle East, to mark the 46 th National Day.
From the ruins of the Persian Empire in Persepolis in the Southern Fars Province, to the Mountains of Sabalan and Damavand in the north and the torquise waters of the Gulf to the South, this ancient land has never ceased to intrigue.