Dame Edith Sitwell

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Noun1.Dame Edith Sitwell - English poet (1887-1964)
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Dame Edith Sitwell, author of the book English Eccentrics puts it down to "that peculiar and satisfactory knowledge of infallibility that is the hallmark and the birthright of the British nation.
Among the visitors he entertained on Delmar Avenue: Dame Edith Sitwell, Prince Rainier, Gypsy Rose Lee and Bette Davis (whose nude portrait hangs in one of the bedrooms).
It is believed that Dame Edith Sitwell compiled part of her Facade collection of poems at the property while living there.
Besides its many virtues, the book offers the kind of information that Waugh would have enjoyed, like the fact that Barry Humphries, the creator of Dame Edna Everage and the son-in-law of Stephen Spender, opened a horticultural show with "As for me, I'm no ordinary mother and wife, / I was Dame Edith Sitwell in a previous life.
The sale also includes a photograph of Dame Edith Sitwell with her cat Leo, which she was so impressed with that she later wrote to Gerson: "How kind of you to send me these lovely photographs of Leo.

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