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(French damjɛ̃)
(Biography) Joseph (ʒozɛf), known as Father Damien. 1840–89, Belgian Roman Catholic missionary to the leper colony at Molokai, Hawaii


(ˈdeɪ mi ən; Fr. daˈmyɛ̃)

Father (Joseph de Veuster), 1840–89, Belgian Roman Catholic missionary to the lepers of Molokai.
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And there rises up before me all that was there foreshadowed, and I see visions of Damon and Pythias, of life-saving crews and Red Cross nurses, of martyrs and leaders of forlorn hopes, of Father Damien, and of the Christ himself, and of all the men of earth, mighty of stature, whose strength may trace back to the elemental loins of Lop-Ear and Big-Tooth and other dim denizens of the Younger World.
Yes, I know the spawn - complacently pecking at him for his Father Damien letter, analyzing him, weighing him - "
I have an aunt called Rachel, who put the life of Father Damien into verse.
Father Damien was Christlike when he went out to live with the lepers, because in such service he realised fully what was best in him.
At first, Tabitha complained to me about how Damien treated her, saying she was going to try to get him to quit or be fired.
There is always this emptiness, this question of 'what would Damien be saying and doing if he was here?
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