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a fungal disease of seedlings that causes rotting of the stem at soil level and collapse of the plant.
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hamatum protected eggplant, pepper and zinnia seedlings from damping-off caused by R.
After the incubation period, data were recorded regarding the seed germination, the pre-emergence damping-off and the seedling survival.
Then there's the dreaded damping-off fungus, killing entire flats of seedlings.
An effective, simple and nontoxic way to keep seedlings free of damping-off disease is to use chamomile tea.
ultimum, which causes damping-off diseases that decay the seed or seedlings of vegetable, horticultural, and cucurbit crops.
After pricking out, water the seedlings with a Cheshunt compound to help prevent damping-off disease.
It's a fungicide used to halt damping-off disease, a fungal infection that makes seedlings collapse.
For successful seed starting indoors, there are a few cautions that should be observed if we are to avoid the destructive fungus disease damping-off.
Relationship between bacterial community structure and suppression of Rhizoctonia solani damping-off in different potting mixes for tomato seedlings growth
SOLUTION: This is probably damping-off disease and the bad news is, once it has got a hold, there's not much you can do.
fluorescens of antibiotics, phenazine, pyrrolnitrin and phloroglucinol as well as siderophore pigment production against some tomato damping-off pathogens (Fusarium solani, Fusarium oxysporum f.