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(ˈdæm rɒʃ)

Walter Johannes, 1862–1950, U.S. conductor, born in Germany.
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And in New York, Walter Damrosch, the son of Leopold and Helene, the former a well-regarded conductor and the latter a celebrated opera singer, led the New York Symphony Orchestra, championing both Teutonic masterpieces and new American works, some of which he himself composed.
We must not give this value to the Chinese, or the Serbian, or Calderon, or the Nibelungen; but, if we really want a pattern, we must always return to the ancient Greeks, in whose works the beauty of mankind is constantly represented" (Damrosch, What Is World Literature?
(3) Donald Ault, Leopold Damrosch, and Vincent De Luca have made influential claims that eighteenth-century science disclosed to Blake merely a "negative" infinity representing the chaos of fallen nature, against which Blake represents a more life-affirming infinite within imagination or spirit-life.
Avoiding the pitfalls of both positions, and drawing upon the commercial vocabulary so frequently also invoked by Goethe himself (and somewhat later by Marx and Engels when speaking about world literature), David Damrosch, in What Is World Literature?
Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition "How to Read World Literature" by David Damrosch (Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature, Columbia University) continues to address the unique challenges and joys faced when approaching the literature of other cultures and eras.
Caption: PAGES 76-77: A) ELSE BOSTELMANN, Bathysphaera intacta Circling the Bathysphere, Bermuda, 1934, Watercolor on paper; B) HELEN DAMROSCH TEE-VAN, Long-spined Giant Squid, Bermuda, 1929, Watercolor on paper; C) ELSE BOSTELMANN, Saber-toothed Viper fish (Chauliodus sloanei) Chasing Ocean Sun fish (Mola mola) Larva, Bermuda, 1934, Watercolor on paper; D) GEORGE SWANSON, Fly Eyes, Carlpito, Venezuela, 1942, Watercolor on paper; E) ISABEL COOPER, Green Parrot Fish, Noma Expedition, 1923, Watercolor on paper; F) HELEN DAMROSCH TEE-VAN, Untitled (Blue Striped Grunt [Haemulon sciurus] and Polychaete Worm), Bermuda, 1933, Watercolor on paper.
Also, after meeting with Father Damrosch for instruction in Catholicism, Lucy joins Kitty in lighting endless candles to commemorate Saint Teresa, on whose life she and Kitty determine "to model their own" (79).
Edited by Louise Nilsson, David Damrosch, and Theo D'haen
Hurricane Sandy, though it did not damage the circus' property, led to $250,000 in lost revenue when Manhattan's Damrosch Park was closed.