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Noun1.Danaea - fairly small terrestrial ferns of tropical America
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Marattiaceae, Marattiaceae - constituting the order Marattiales: chiefly tropical eusporangiate ferns with gigantic fronds
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A sazonalidade no padrao de fertilidade tem sido relacionada com o dimorfismo foliar de especies tropicais, como para Danaea wendlandii Rchb.
Sharpe JM (1993) Plant growth and demography of the neotropical herbaceous fern Danaea wendlandii (Marattiaceae) in a Costa Rican rain forest.
The destruction of all but one of the four oval paintings (Primaticcio's Danaea on the middle panel of the south wall), one at each point of the lozenge, has rendered a more detailed reading of the programme impossible.
T - Lycopodium thyoides T + Macrothelypteris Macrothelypteris torresiana (Gaudich.) T + Ching Macrothelypteris torresiana T + Marattiaceae Danaea elliptica Sm.
Regarding seasonal patterns, most of the species were evergreen, with three active species during the rainy season, Danaea elliptica, Pteridium arachnoideum and Salpichlaena volubilis, and only one poikilohydric species, Trichomanes pinnatum (Table 1).
On the other hand, species such as Alsophila sternbergii, Cyathea sp., Danaea elliptica, Thelypteris jamesonii, Diplazium plantaginifolium, and Hemidictyum marginatum are very demanding about shading and humidity, and are always associated with environments that are well preserved (Barros, 1997), being found in large abundance in the interior of the studied fragment.
(2003) reconocieron cinco: tres paleotropicales, Angiopteris, Archangiopteris y Christensenia; uno neotropical, Danaea; y uno pantropical, Marattia.
Abstract: A new species of fern, genus Danaea (Marattiales: Marattiaceae) endemic to Costa Rica.