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 (dăn′ə-kĭl′, də-nä′kēl)
A desert region of northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and northern Djibouti bordering on the Red Sea. It is part of the Great Rift Valley.
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Circum is currently working on the Danakil potash project in north-eastern Ethiopia.
The Project is located in the Danakil Depression region of Eritrea, East Africa, and is 75km from the Red Sea coast, making it one of the most accessible potash deposits globally.
Articles in the 2014 yearbook include reformist Nigerian scholar Abubakar Gumi (1922-92), the Aral Sea, conservative Ottoman women writer Munevver Ayash (1906-99), the bakhshi officer in Mughal times, the Crusades, Javanese religious official Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan (1968-1923), the Arabic name Danakil for the 'Afar population of northeastern Africa, Ottoman poet Figani (d.
I'm sure the producers only chose I Am The Resurrection by the Stone Roses because it worked so perfectly with the spectacular footage of the cars powering across the Danakil salt plains.
The forum enlightened the attendees on Ethiopia's 3000-year-old history, diverse religions, languages, cultures and traditions as well as its magnificent landscape featuring contrasting facets -- from the rugged Simien Mountains to the Danakil Depression, which lies more than 100 kilometers below sea level and one of the lowest dry land points on earth.
The production of date palm especially in Afar Region has a long tradition where it is established as wild crop in Afambo, Aysaita, Gewane, and Amibara districts along the Awash River [11] within the Danakil Depression which are especially suitable for date palm production [13].
The Eastern Hamites are made up of the Egyptians, the Seja, the Berberines, the Galla, the Sourali, the Danakil and most Ethiopians.
These huge steles were playing the role of tombstones and monuments to the local rulers After admiring the remote, medieval, rock-hewn churches of Tigray region, it was time to explore the most unique place in the whole of Ethiopia: the Danakil Depression!
At the Danakil Depression, the lowest point in the country, temperatures reach as high 140 degrees.
Museum options include the National Museum of Ethiopia, rather shabby but containing Lucy, the oldest and most-complete hominid skeleton found in the Danakil desert; the treasure trove of the Eth- nological Museum on the Addis Ababa University campus -- don't miss; while the Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum beside Meskel Square offers a powerful testament to the estimated half million killed during Ethiopia's communist dictatorship, the Derg, during the 1970s.