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 (dăn′ə-kĭl′, də-nä′kēl)
A desert region of northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and northern Djibouti bordering on the Red Sea. It is part of the Great Rift Valley.
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The indigenous population is divided between the majority Somalis (predominantly of the Issa tribe, with minority Issaq and Gadabursi representation) and the Afars (Danakils).
There were, to be sure, tense moments along the way, but Thesiger proved adept at talking his way out of them, as when his party was suddenly confronted by two hundred armed Danakils: "They were inclined to force a quarrel, declaring that my Somalis were Essa, with whom they were, as always, at war.
The unification efforts of the Emperors Tewdres and Johannes IV had floundered with their deaths, but Menelik II continued the centralizing and expansionist efforts bringing u nder his hegemony people like the Somalis, Danakils and Bani Ami among others whose religious persuasions diverged from those of Ethiopia.