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 (dăn′ə-kĭl′, də-nä′kēl)
A desert region of northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and northern Djibouti bordering on the Red Sea. It is part of the Great Rift Valley.
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Far more impressive than his ability to persuade the Danakils not to liberate his testicles (one can only assume that those of a white man exerted a certain novelty appeal) was his knack for getting himself adopted as an honorary member of numerous tight-knit clans, and those of such ethnic and cultural variety.
The unification efforts of the Emperors Tewdres and Johannes IV had floundered with their deaths, but Menelik II continued the centralizing and expansionist efforts bringing u nder his hegemony people like the Somalis, Danakils and Bani Ami among others whose religious persuasions diverged from those of Ethiopia.
Through this division the Danakils were included in Eritrea, while the people of the Ogaden (Ethiopia) were grouped with Somalia.