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Da Nang

or Da·nang  (də-năng′, dä′näng′)
A city of central Vietnam on the South China Sea. Called Tourane during the period of French colonization of Indochina, it was the site of an important US military base during the Vietnam War.


or Da Nang

(dəˈnɑŋ, -ˈnæŋ, dɑ-)

a seaport in central Vietnam. 500,000.
Formerly, Tourane.
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A visit to Danang was part of a tour of some of the countries in the region of the US Navy.
Danang, Vietnam - A US aircraft carrier arrived in Vietnam Monday for the first time since the end of the war, as the former foes bolster military ties in the face of Beijing's build-up in the disputed South China Sea.
The grey and imposing silhouette of the USS Carl Vinson could be seen on Monday morning from the cliff tops just outside the central Vietnamese city of Danang, where the 103,000-tonne carrier and two other US ships begin a five-day visit.
It will be located in one of Asia's most desirable holiday destinations and just 30km from Danang, the largest city on Vietnam's central coast; 60km from Hoi An, the country's enchanting UNESCO-listed port town; and 70km from Hue, the historic former capital city.
This development strategy will gain further traction with the launch of MAaAaAeA venpick Resort Phu Quoc in 2019 and the opening of MAaAaAeA venpick Re & Spa Quy Nhon, MAaAaAeA venpick Hotel & Residences Han River, Danang a MAaAaAeA venpick Hotel Quang Binh in 2020.
On Syria, Nauert noted they discussed "the importance of supporting the Geneva process to achieve a peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict as called for in the Joint Statement made by Presidents Trump and Putin in DaNang, Vietnam.
The first lady stayed in China as Mr Trump flew to Danang, Vietnam, to participate in a regional economic and security conference.
Summary: Danang [Vietnam], November 11 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have agreed to fight the Islamic State (IS) in Syria until its defeat.
US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held talks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Danang, Vietnam, reports CNN.
President Rodrigo Duterte leaves the APEC CEO summit in Danang, Vietnam.
Trump and Putin will both attend the APEC summit in the Vietnamese city of Danang.
Mr Putin's foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said the Russian leader will meet Mr Trump during sessions of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' meeting which opens on Friday in Danang, Vietnam.