Dancing master

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a teacher of dancing.

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On that same evening there was to be one of the balls that Iogel (the dancing master) gave for his pupils durings the holidays.
I rather think you must." He resumed his unpleasant and stealthy advance, pointing his toes as he walked, like a dancing master.
He hacked his chair before me, bowing and smiling, and waved me to a seat with the grace of a dancing master, chastened by the dignity of a lord in waiting.
I'm just a plain man and nae dancing master; and I'm tryin to be as ceevil as it's morally possible.
Afterward, Bert was of the opinion that he looked like a swell dancing master, while Billy called him "the dude."
George Eliot did the very same thing; and Lewes was a little frog-faced man, with the manner of a dancing master. But Warrington, now, had everything in his favor; intellect, passion, romance, distinction, and the connection was a mere piece of undergraduate folly.
The basic formula for a dance is described by Pierre Rameau, dancing master and author of The Dancing-Master: or, The Art of Dancing Explained (1728), where he warns that it would be a "Breach of good Manners" not to "make your Honours before Dancing: And after you have danced, ...
The dancing is delicious - from Sophie Martin and Eve Mutso's comedy double act as the vile stepsisters to Jamiel Laurence's acrobatic turn as the Dancing Master who becomes a Grasshopper.
A modern teen may not be sold off to a corrupt dancing master nor experience old-school indentured servitude, but surviving on the streets, finding a new home, and making moral compromises are all easy to imagine.
James is initially sold to a dancing master but also spends time as a shoe-boy, a servant to a student at the university, and a footpad as part of Jack Darcy's gang.
The other source is an earlier manuscript, dated 1789, compiled by John Winder, a dancing master who taught in the nearby towns of Lancaster and Clitheroe; and as far afield as Halifax and Blackburn.
Synopsis: Finding himself the man of the family, London dancing master Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire, hoping to start over.