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 (dän′do͝ong′) or An·tung (än′to͝ong′)
A city of northeast China near the mouth of the Yalu River opposite North Korea.


(Placename) a port in E China, in Liaoning province at the mouth of the Yalu River. Pop: 730 000 (2005 est). Also called: Andong Former spelling: Tan-tung



a seaport in SE Liaoning province, in NE China, at the mouth of the Yalu River. 537,745. Formerly, Antung.
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DANDONG China Tue Aug 5, 2014(Reuters) - China is investigating a Canadian couple who ran a coffee shop on the Chinese border with North Korea for the suspected theft of military and intelligence information and for threatening national security, China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.
"There were tourists that were planning to go there today, but then we received the notification, so they've all gone back home," said an employee of Dandong China International Travel Service, who asked not to be named.