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also Dane·lagh  (dān′lô′)
1. The body of law established by the Danish invaders and settlers in northeast England in the ninth and tenth centuries.
2. The sections of England under the jurisdiction of this law.

[Middle English Denelage, from Old English Dena lagu : Dena, genitive of Dene, the Danes + lagu, law; see law.]


(ˈdeɪnˌlɔː) or


(Placename) the northern, central and eastern parts of Anglo-Saxon England in which Danish law and custom were observed
[Old English Dena lagu Danes' law; term revived in the 19th century]



1. the body of laws in force in the NE of England where the Danes settled in the 9th century A.D.
2. the part of England under this law.
[before 1050; Old English Dena lagu. See Dane, law]
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Meanwhile the southern fringes of the Danelaw were crumbling beneath the juggernaut from Wessex.
Etymology, the study of the origin of words, provides quantifiable evidence of Viking impact concerning settlers in various regions of Europe, such as the Danelaw in England and Normandy in France.
These settlements all fell under the sway of Mercia and when, in the ninth century, that great kingdom was sundered in two by the invading Vikings, the East Midlands became part of the Danelaw whilst the West Midlands remained under Anglo-Saxon control.
His ancestors probably made landfall in Britain in the centuries of the Anglo-Saxon invasions, or in the later coming of the men known as Danes whose warbands established kingdoms in the east of England in what became the Danelaw.
The historical era in which the language contact situation in question took place is the time period between the 8th and 11th centuries, which forms part of an epoch known as the Viking Age, during which raiding Norsemen conquered rather vast areas in Europe, and also ruled over the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of England, known as the territory of the Danelaw.
Mr Whitehead, who has been playing the accordion since his schooldays, has his own music group, The Danelaw Dance Band, and performs at various events and functions in the UK and abroad.
Kibworth was just inside the Danelaw, and the numbers of the newcomers were smaller than was long imagined; recent DNA studies suggest that even in the East Midlands epicenter of Viking visitations, only around ten percent of the population were of Danish or Norwegian stock.
46) Not least the borderland between England and Scotland--old Danelaw territory--was rich in legends, romances and folklore that were assigned Scandinavian origins.
Members, above, danced to the music of Robert Whitehead and the Danelaw Band from Northumberland.
Then she tours the island, discussing local peculiarities and larger similarities in such areas as London and southeastern England, the South Danelaw, the West Midlands and Yorkshire, and Normandy.
King Alfred repelled the Viking advances and entered into a treaty by which the Vikings could rule areas of northeastern England north of a line called the Danelaw, with the further requirement that the Viking King Guthrun become a Christian.
Interestingly, this tone is sensibly moderated when the settlement of the Scandinavians in the Danelaw is dealt with in sections 1.