Tuamotu Archipelago

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Tu·a·mo·tu Archipelago

An island group of French Polynesia in the southern Pacific Ocean east of Tahiti. Inhabited primarily by native Polynesian people, the islands were annexed by France in 1881.

Tuamotu Archipelago

(Placename) a group of about 80 coral islands in the S Pacific, in French Polynesia. Pop: 15 973 (2002; including the Gambier Islands). Area: 860 sq km (332 sq miles). Also called: Low Archipelago or Paumotu Archipelago

Tu•a•mo′tu Archipel′ago

(ˌtu əˈmoʊ tu)
a group of islands in the S Pacific: in French Polynesia. 11,793; 332 sq. mi. (860 sq. km).
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Noun1.Tuamotu Archipelago - a group of about 80 coral islands in French PolynesiaTuamotu Archipelago - a group of about 80 coral islands in French Polynesia
French Oceania, French Polynesia - a French overseas possession in the South Pacific
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The old navigators called the Paumotus the Dangerous Archipelago," McCoy said, when they had regained the poop.
One of Sophie's tasks will be to watch for coral reefs, which could rip the bottom out of the boat - a big risk in the Tuamotus Islands in the Pacific, known to sailors as The Dangerous Archipelago.