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Noun1.Dangla - a Chadic language spoken in Chad; uses seven vowels plus differences in vowel length
East Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in Chad
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Liyab Haliya Arena of Valor (AoV), on the other hand, is led by team captain Em "Kaisaya" Dangla with Christine "Yunique" Pagador, Jhoana "Miyeira" Osuyos, Nicole "Kitty" Munsayac and Marge "Marge" Norbe.
This episode's #IstoryaNgPagasa guest is Demie Dangla, the director of 'Hijabs and Hopes in Quiapo', one of our Top 10 films in this year's #INPFF2019.
The study was conducted in Dangla woreda, Awi zone, a city located 480 kilometers away from the capital city Addis Ababa.
The tribe of the targeted population are Dangla, Rekabia, Mema, Shokria, Zagaoa, Mawi, Hassania, Bargoaia, Jawameha, Rezgab and Jahalia.
Majority of endometrium specimens in our study were of the menstrual phases--PE and SE in 134 cases [42.8%], same was reported by Spencer and Jetly.1516 Proliferative Endometrium [PE] was dominant, 96 cases [30.6%] same as reported by Dangla G.
The Dangla sample has 60.0, 21.1, 584.3 and 89.3 [micro]g/g contents of Fe, Zn, Mn and Mg, respectively, where as that of Tilili sample were 67.2, 18.1, 591.4 and 94.6 [micro]g/g for the same types of elements, respectively [13].
Berthaud, and P Dangla, "Role of pH in electro-osmosis: experimental study on NaCl-water saturated kaolinite," Transport in Porous Media, vol.
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As they climbed in elevation, tracing the course the Yangtze had cut through the Dangla Mountains many millennia ago, the air grew thinner and the wind fiercer.
The others are Hijabs and Hopes in Quiapo by Demie Dangla, Maglabay RA in Sakit by Mijan Jumalon, Yapak by Romel Mondragon Lozada, White Helmet Rescuers by Analisa Puod, and Ka Dodoy by Margaret Serranilla.
Xena Hendra Chomapoy bested Poland's Magdalena Smialkowska, 6-2, in the women's recurve individual Sunday to tow fellow Filipino archers Shanaya Dangla and Loren Chloe Balaoing into the next round at the 29th Summer Universiade here.
The second article is concerned with the changes that had occurred in the lives of women in the Dangla West District over the years of their engagement in the NPRP in Ghana.