Daniel Bernoulli

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Noun1.Daniel Bernoulli - Swiss physicist who contributed to hydrodynamics and mathematical physics (1700-1782)
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In 1738, Daniel Bernoulli developed his famous equation for flowrate calculation that shows increasing velocity by constricting a flow path increases fluid pressure.
At Linwood High, first year pupils investigating the work in aerodynamics of famous mathematician Daniel Bernoulli took part in a paper-plane event.
Then, Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli fired a cannon vertically and counted the seconds required for a ball to strike the ground.
A Swiss physicist named Daniel Bernoulli birthed the science back in the 18th century, and his eponymous principle drives such stuff as carburetors, airplane wings and rocket nozzles.
An early example is that of Daniel Bernoulli, who in 1766 used the then relatively new method of calculus to estimate that smallpox elimination via routine vaccination would reduce the risk of death by age 25 years from [approximately equal to] 57% to 50%.