Daniel Rutherford

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Noun1.Daniel Rutherford - British chemist who isolated nitrogen (1749-1819)
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Fellow co-author Daniel Rutherford noted how Hainan and ANA took different approaches to fuel efficiency.
Division One: Jolly Farmers 3 (Arran Scott, Daniel Rutherford, Matthew Baike-Ghazvini) Thornaby Aerodrome Club 2 (Jason Mcnamee 2); St Mary's College 6 (Chris Taylor 3, Francis Hynes, Liam Jackson) Billingham 1 (Athan Mahoney, og); Stockton Five Alls 1 (Stuart Lane) Village Park Rangers 5 (Anthony Shaw 3, Gavin Robson 2); The Garrick 1 JFC United 4 (Adam Khamis, Jonathan Francis Barber, Junior Masandi 2).
"The fact that market forces and fuel efficiency aren't well-aligned on these routes highlights the need for policies to reduce emissions," said co-author Daniel Rutherford.
Ned Xoubi, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Commissioner at JAEC, and Daniel Rutherford, contract Manager at PNL.
In 1772, Daniel Rutherford discovered something that he called "mephitic air." We now know it as nitrogen.
After working nine hurricanes as part of a hurricane catastrophe team, Daniel Rutherford decided that marina and boatyard owners could use some hurricane preparedness advice.
Black (see 1754) asked a student of his, the British chemist Daniel Rutherford (1749-1819), to investigate the matter.