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 (dăn′īt′) Bible
A descendant of Dan.
Of or relating to the Hebrew tribe descended from Dan.
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(ˈdæn aɪt)

1. a member of the tribe of Dan.
2. a member of an alleged secret order of Mormons supposed to have been formed about 1837.
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To this day, in the lonely ranches of the West, the name of the Danite Band, or the Avenging Angels, is a sinister and an ill-omened one.
When we got fairly down on the level part of the Danite farm, we came to places where we could actually run our horses.
So rose the DANITE strong HERCULEAN SAMSON from the Harlot-lap Of PHILISTEAN DALILAH, and wak'd Shorn of his strength, They destitute and bare Of all thir vertue: silent, and in face Confounded long they sate, as struck'n mute, Till ADAM, though not less then EVE abasht, At length gave utterance to these words constraind.
The Danites, taking their name from the avenging angels of the Mormon mythology, sprang up in the mountains of the Great West and spread over the Pacific Coast from Panama to Alaska.
The biblical language employed in the Judge Elon narrative establishes Zebulun's tribal rights to the previously Danite Aijalon in three ways: 1) The name Elon is appropriated from Danite nomenclature via the phrase "Elon the Zebulunite," thus transforming the name Elon into a Zebulun patronymic.
Dozens of lurid novels depicted Danite assassinations, church-sanctioned white slavery, and other alleged LDS crimes.
In The Danites, avenging members of the secret Danite group hunt down young Nancy Williams, a descendent of an enemy of the Church.
Chapter Three, "Tricksters and Travels," discusses several major world travelers who popularized the idea of the lost tribes, especially Eldad the Danite (late 800s C.E.) and the Spanish Jew Benjamin of Tudela (late 1100s C.E.).
John Beadle, a Republican and one of the most prolific and popular Reconstruction-era critics of Mormon Utah, attempted to describe the similarity between "slavery and polygamy" as "'twin relics'" in his introductory essay to a jailhouse confession by Bill Hickman, one of Brigham Young's alleged "Danite" assassins.
The joint venture is to be named Danite Material Technology, and will focus on research and development and production of auto lithium-ion battery separators.
Grant" had sent "members of the Danite Band" to murder Almon W.
Multihyphenate Dante Desarthe answers the question "Can you thumb your nose at pretentiousness while gazing at your own navel?" with humor and invention in "I'm Growing Scarce." Writer-director-lenser himself plays Daniel Danite, a filmmaker whose project with actress Juliette Binoche capsizes before the opening credits.