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Industry-leading measurement speed, as well as the top RF specifications for DANL of -144 dBm/Hz @ 40 GHz and third-order intermodulation distortion (TOI) of +13 dBm @ 40 GHz (nominal) provide unmatched price/performance.
"Unfortunately, oscilloscope-based FFTs don't have the dynamic range or low noise floor of traditional spectrum analyzers, which can have DANLs less than -150 dBm and 100-dB dynamic range.
The 3250 Series features RF phase noise performance of -115 dBc/Hz, DANL -145 dBm/Hz, a standard 30 MHz bandwidth digitizer and basic digital modulation analysis software.
The analyzers also feature a 0-dBm A/D converter clipping level, DANL of--141 dBm/Hz, and SFDR of--70 dBc.
The Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) noise figure is better than -160dBm/Hz and a minimum full scale reference level of -40dBm allows signals down to -120dBm to be seen.
The N9320A features fast measurement speed (9.2 ms at non-zero span), good DANL (-148 dBm), narrow RBW (10 Hz) and high TOI (+13 dBm).
It has a 10-inch full-color LCD, four available traces, -161 dBm/Hz DANL, and an optional EMC software kit that can provide common EMC test settings (quasi-peak detector, FCC RBW bandwidths) to help identify and solve compliance problems quickly."
The GA4063's phase noise is a remarkably low -95dBc/Hz (offset10kHz), and displayed average noise level (DANL) specification is ≤-130dBm(preamplifier off - 10MHz~2.5GHz ≤-148dBm; preamplifier on - 10MHz~2.5GHz: typical -160dBm.)
Signature has intermodulation distortion (TOI) of +23 dBm, displayed average noise level (DANL) of <-147 dBm in a 1 Hz bandwidth, and amplitude accuracy of <lt>0.65 dB.
frequency information with a low DANL and a flexible digital platform.
The analyzer has a TOI of +23 dBm, DANL of -147 dBm and typical amplitude accuracy of 0.65 dB over the entire frequency range.