Dante Alighieri

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Dan·te A·li·ghie·ri

 (dän′tā ä′lē-gyĕ′rē) 1265-1321.
Italian poet whose masterpiece, The Divine Comedy (completed 1321), details his visionary progress through Hell and Purgatory, escorted by Virgil, and through Heaven, guided by his lifelong idealized love, Beatrice.

Dan′te·an adj. & n.
Dan·tesque′ (dän-tĕsk′) adj.
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Noun1.Dante Alighieri - an Italian poet famous for writing the Divine Comedy that describes a journey through Hell and purgatory and paradise guided by Virgil and his idealized Beatrice (1265-1321)Dante Alighieri - an Italian poet famous for writing the Divine Comedy that describes a journey through Hell and purgatory and paradise guided by Virgil and his idealized Beatrice (1265-1321)
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His speech was the perfect blend of conspiracy theories; from the 13th century Italian poet, Dante Alighieri to Salman Rushdie, Imran Khan skewered them all with the agenda of 'disrespecting Islam'.
Contract award notice: Drafting of final and executive design, Works management, Accounting, Safety coordination of seismic improvement of the elementary school and dante alighieri school.
L'Aperitivo Italiano is organized by the ICCPI with the support of the Italian Embassy Manila, Dante Alighieri Manila and various sponsors.
1321: Italian poet Dante Alighieri died in Ravenna.
Among his selections are Plato's Phaedrus, Dante Alighieri from The Divine Comedy: Paradiso (1308-21), Baruch Spinoza concerning God from The Ethics (1677), William Wordsworth's Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood (1807), Ralph Waldo Emerson's The Transcendentalist (1842), Sigmund Freud on dream as the fulfillment of a wish from The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), Marcel Proust on overture from Swann's Way (1913), George Santayana from Skepticism and Animal Faith (1923), Richard Rorty's Is Derrida a Quasi-Transcendental Philosopher?
We both wanted a unusual name and I was looking for a name from ancient Egypt but when David came up with Dante, I knew the name from the Italian poet Dante Alighieri.
30pm and will celebrate the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri.
1928) Preface to Dante's Inferno by Dante Alighieri.
Se llama Pape Satan Aleppe, retomando las palabras iniciales del canto VII del Infierno de La Divina Comedia de Dante Alighieri, y subtitulado Cronicas de una sociedad liquida, en alusion a la tesis del sociologo polaco Zygmunt Bauman, quien definio las sociedades modernas como despojadas de valores solidos.
La calidad de bien, profesional y humana de Manolo, como lo llamamos carinosamente, ha sido reconocida social e institucionalmente por sus pares y alumnos al recibir el premio Carlos Gagini 1986 por sus investigaciones filologicas, Primer Diploma de Benemeritazgo de la Sociedad Dante Alighieri, Dedicacion del V Congreso estudiantil de la Asociacion de Estudiantes de Filologia, nombramiento como "profesor del ano" en dos ocasiones, Segundo Diploma de Benemeritazgo de la Dante Alighieri, Dedicacion del II Coloquio de Filologia Clasica de la Universidad de Costa Rica.
In addition to his experience as a reporter and feature writer, Folkins has a strong background in academia, in particular medieval philosophy and the work of Italian medieval poet Dante Alighieri, and is a fluent French speaker.
If modern nations are what Benedict Anderson has called "imagined communities"--sovereign yet delimited societies arising from the convergence of capitalist production and print technologies on linguistic diversity--then Dante Alighieri is the figure who most effectively enabled others to imagine a unified and independent Italy.