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Dan·te A·li·ghie·ri

 (dän′tā ä′lē-gyĕ′rē) 1265-1321.
Italian poet whose masterpiece, The Divine Comedy (completed 1321), details his visionary progress through Hell and Purgatory, escorted by Virgil, and through Heaven, guided by his lifelong idealized love, Beatrice.

Dan′te·an adj. & n.
Dan·tesque′ (dän-tĕsk′) adj.
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Adj.1.Dantean - of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings


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But in gazing at such scenes, it is all in all what mood you are in; if in the Dantean, the devils will occur to you; if in that of Isaiah, the archangels.
I'm sure I donna want t' go wi' the whittaws," said Molly, whimpering, and quite overcome by this Dantean picture of her future, "on'y we allays used to comb the wool for 'n at Mester Ottley's; an' so I just axed ye.
Calvocoressi takes us into a seemingly intergalactic realm through a smattering of characters, almost as if a twenty-first-century reimagining of a Dantean journey.
Poetically, this translates into the musical form of the terzina, and the ubiquitous Dantean imagery of travel, populated by a sophisticated system of metaphors and similes of navigation, movement and transformation.
Following required spiritual training at the Holy Igitur Monastery, K embarks on a Dantean pilgrimage across space, passing from a hellish, impoverished Earth to the purgatorial planet Loulan, and finally achieving the verdant paradise of Bosch.
Joseph Long charts Joyce's fascination with Dante, before adroitly investigating the different ways in which Joyce and Beckett take on and transform the Dantean.
iii); I then explore Zeno's adaptation of a Dantean figure in his 1710 opera Scipione nelle Spagne.
Although others have observed dantean parallels and allusions in C.
In the United States, of course, that assumption is ninety percent true; degrees of brownness have been and continue to be the basis for Dantean social and economic oppression.
Two doors up was Dionysis the komodromos, whose Dantean forge rang with clangs and clanks day and night.
The scenario here is not only dark and foreboding--it is positively Dantean in its' bleak portrayal of a world where criminals are held to account for serious crimes.
The Dantean Perspective in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms.