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dapple grey (horse)

, (US) dapple gray (horse)
nApfelschimmel m
References in classic literature ?
But the first, who was a dapple gray, observing me to steal off, neighed after me in so expressive a tone, that I fancied myself to understand what he meant; whereupon I turned back, and came near to him to expect his farther commands: but concealing my fear as much as I could, for I began to be in some pain how this adventure might terminate; and the reader will easily believe I did not much like my present situation.
Annabel, a five year old dapple gray, arrives to find her new job and partner on a cold January day.
12216 Dapple Gray Court sold for $320,000- to a Conventional Purchaser.
Love comes gradually into Leigh's new life when she discovers a skinny, mistreated, injured dapple gray horse named Silver Dreams and buys him for $500.
Dapple gray is very handsome and most of them turn out fast.
Nelson, award winning Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty in Woodbridge VA just listed another Lake Ridge Single Family Home For Sale at 12216 Dapple Gray Court, Woodbridge, Virginia 22192.