Darcy's law

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Dar·cy's law

n. Geology
A law stating that the rate at which a fluid flows through a permeable medium, such as an aquifer, is directly proportional to the drop in elevation between two places in the medium and inversely proportional to the distance between them.

[After Henry Philibert Gaspard Darcy.]
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Darcy law Forchheimer law K [R.sup.2] a b [R.sup.2] 6.4114 0.9426 3.5204 89.086 0.9998 Izbash law n [lambda] [R.sup.2] 1.373 23.13 0.9996 Table 3: The fitting parameters of BTCs at three velocities.
The important two hypotheses of capillary number theory were capillary tube bundles and Darcy law hypothesis.
A comprehensive account of fluid flows through porous media beyond Darcy law's valid regimes and classified by the Reynolds number can be found in, for example, [11].
The flow in the porous region (r [greater than or equal to] [R.sub.p]) is governed by the Darcy law which is given by: