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(ˈdɜːɡɑː) ,




(Islam) the tomb of a Muslim saint; a Muslim shrine
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"The message of unity among the people is spread across the country by these dargahs. In Kashmir also, people belonging to different castes and creeds visit Dargahs and pray for their wellbeing," said Dr Rehan Akhtar Qasmi.
Yet we need to guard against Sufism (metaphysics) `passed down through the centuries in khanqahs and dargahs with material or social sciences'.
Surely we need to guard against Sufism (metaphysics) passed down through the centuries in khanqahs and dargahs with material sciences.
The meeting also reviewed the steps taken regarding provision of proper facilities to the devotees at Dargahs and Mazars.
Ministry of Religious Affairs has also been approached to direct Khateebs, Ulema and Imams of Masajid, Imam Bargahs and Dargahs
The Home secretary said that the security audit of all 1,899 shrines, dargahs, churches, temples, Jamaat Khanas and Gurdwaras have been completed.
Following leases of Agriculture Lands of Auqaf Department Sindh and contracts of various Dargahs / Mosques will be auctioned as per program below: -
"Sufism and women: A note on Two Women Sufis and Their Dargahs at Delhi." In Saiyid Zaheer Hussain Jaferi & Helmut Reifeld (Ed.) The Islamic path: Sufism, society and Politics in India, 276-286.
Bargahs and Dargahs in the country to pay special attention
The agenda of the meeting discussed in details includes draft madaris law, Karachi Safe city project, Cybercrime, detention powers under ATA, trial of street crime cases, issues of land grabbing, security of banks, installation of trackers in motorcycles, security audit of Dargahs, standard registration number plates, operation in Katcha.
Discussing the Security Audit of the Dargahs, the chief minister constituted a committee comprising Home secretary, secretary Works and Secretary Auqaf to sit together and make necessary arrangements as recommended by the police department.