Dari Persian

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Noun1.Dari Persian - an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan
Iranian language, Iranian - the modern Persian language spoken in Iran
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The word "kafon" is derived from the Dari Persian language spoken in Afghanistan.
For speakers of Pashto, who today continue to inhabit a Persianate world, it is very important to note, this elided vowel a stands as a metaphor for the silence surrounding the hawal(a)dar term, which in turn indicates how much more there is to learn about Afghans and Pathans and most importantly the changing place of the Pashto language in spoken and written forms in relation to the hegemonic pretensions of Mughal Persian then and Dari Persian and Urdu now.
This tale, all written in poetic form and in Dari Persian, starts 7,000 years ago, narrating the story of Persian kings, knights, system of laws, religion, victories and tragedies.