Darius I

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Da·ri·us I

 (də-rī′əs) Known as "Darius the Great." 550?-486 bc.
King of Persia (521-486) who expanded the empire, organized a highly efficient administrative system, and invaded Greece, only to be defeated at the Battle of Marathon in 490.

Darius I

(Biography) known as Darius the Great, surname Hystaspis. ?550–486 bc, king of Persia (521–486), who extended the Persian empire and crushed the revolt of the Ionian city states (500). He led two expeditions against Greece but was defeated at Marathon (490)

Da•ri•us I

(dəˈraɪ əs)
(Darius Hystaspes) ( “the Great” ), 558?–486? B.C., king of Persia 521–486.
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Noun1.Darius I - king of Persia who expanded the Persian Empire and invaded Greece but was defeated at the battle of Marathon (550-486 BC)Darius I - king of Persia who expanded the Persian Empire and invaded Greece but was defeated at the battle of Marathon (550-486 BC)
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For example, he debunks the unfeasible (but still prevalent) view of a weak and declining empire under the successors of Darius I (522-486 B.
8) On the other hand, as the very important satrapy of Sardis was customarily assigned to members of the royal family, -- Artaphernes, the brother of King Darius I (522-486), was the satrap of Sardis during the Ionian revolt -- it is highly probable that Pissouthnes had been given that satrapy by King Artaxerxes, because he was closely related to the royal family of Persia.
But that's the Darius I know - a kind, caring gentle giant who listens to other people and isn't fighting to be the centre of attention.
Darius is something of a star in Holland and fans look on him as one of their own.
Darius is determined to find a suitable gift to protect the both the family honour and home.
Darius is doing really well in the UK but it became clear their working lives were taking them in completely different directions.
Darius is also a regular organist for the BBC Philharmonic orchestra.
A ONE YEAR OLD golden retriever called Darius is about to begin his training as a guide dog for the blind.
Serena is a wonderful heroine wondering how Darius can be so nonchalant over his mom's kidnapping; Darius is fun as the center of all the activity especially his mom using her loyal Masolimian supporters to try to get Darius to act princely.
Darius is only slightly overweight, but everything about him appears tender and fleshy: the heels of his hands and the little underhung bellies of skin between the knuckles of his fingers, his small paunch, the cushions of his cheeks, his chubby iridescent lips.