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Noun1.Darmera - one species
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Saxifragaceae, Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family - a large and diverse family of evergreen or deciduous herbs; widely distributed in northern temperate and cold regions; sometimes includes genera of the family Hydrangeaceae
Darmera peltata, Indian rhubarb, Peltiphyllum peltatum, umbrella plant - rhizomatous perennial herb with large dramatic peltate leaves and white to bright pink flowers in round heads on leafless stems; colonizes stream banks in the Sierra Nevada in California
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"Anyone that's seen or heard from Luz since her disappearance or in the days leading up to it, please call us on 01707 355666 as soon as possible and quote Operation Darmera."
"People can create a mood in their garden using green, big-leaved plants such as hostas, ligularia and darmera (umbrella plant), which give you weight in a border.