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n.1.(Zool.) The European black tern.
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T' maister nobbut just buried, and Sabbath not o'ered, und t' sound o' t' gospel still i' yer lugs, and ye darr be laiking
Darr noted at the luncheon that she buys all of her clothes from the resale shops, including the upscale suit she was wearing that day.
New Delhi [India], August 23 ( ANI ): Celebrating the many facets of Fearless India, Star Bharat, Star India's new initiative, unveils a content line up with strong, rooted icons and differentiated programming that is in line with the brand's philosophy of "Bhula ke darr, kuch alag kar".
There is no suggestion Haleema Butt or Usman Darr are extremists or knew what Butt was planning.
Based on field interviews and evidence at the scene, police believe Darr was the aggressor in an altercation at the residence and was physically on top of the woman when he was stabbed by her.
My first Bollywood film that I watched was his film Darr and after that I started to learn everything about this man .
During his interrogation, Devender said he was deeply influenced by Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan and Shah Rukh Khan's character in Darr.
were left motivated empowered can make a in the world Darr, headteacher
However, the judges were not convinced by the evidence from the other three staff members, saying they "gave incredible evidence about their knowledge of Salafi Islam" and lacked credibility in denying knowledge of parental abuse aimed at Mrs Darr.
In a more recent analysis using Democratic field office data from 2004, 2008, and 2012, Levendusky and Darr (2014) examined the determinants of field office placement and the effects of field offices on candidate performance at the county level.
It started when Samerah Darr decided it was time to learn to ride a bike to keep up with her husband, son Dawar, nine, and daughter Malaika, eight, on their regular rides on the Spen Valley Greenway.
Darr reported he has recovered more than $17 million for the TelexFree creditors so far, and the federal government has seized more than $100 million in cash or checks made out to TelexFree.