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Noun1.Darryl Zanuck - United States filmmaker whose works include the first full-length feature film with sound sequences (1902-1979)
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When making The Longest Day in 1961, producer Darryl Zanuck had one built in the UK as none were left after the war, meaning to fly one over to France for filming.
He was Darryl Zanuck and the he wrote Memo From Darryl Zanuck: The Golden Years at Twentieth Century Fox.
The Hollywood producers Darryl Zanuck and Cecil B DeMille amplified those messages, as did powerful media figures like Bill Paley, the president of CBS; CD Jackson, the publisher of Fortune; and the media mogul Henry Luce.
In 1946, Darryl Zanuck predicted the demise of television when he said people would "soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night." Years before, as movies were set to transition from silent to sound, studio boss Harry Warner asked, "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?"
His wartime experiences allowed him to meet both Patton and Twentieth Century-Fox studio head Darryl Zanuck, without either of whom the film could not have been made.
The chapter on Darryl Zanuck, the only non-Jew among the moguls (although Dixon notes how Harry Cohn's Catholic wife had her husband baptized on his deathbed), is one of the best.
It is a bit daunting to offer questions about love, life, romance, tragedy and acting to someone who has been a star almost since he was first discovered by Darryl Zanuck. This was in just a few moments onscreen back in 1952.
Unbeknownst to Lyle, the character he plays in this scene is fighting with a scoundrel of a man who happened to be based on t he head of production at Warner Brothers himself, Darryl Zanuck. Lucky for my grandpa, when Zanuck saw this audition he responded wit h a laugh, evidently impressed with the ballsy nature of my grandpa's audition selection.
A Yank in the RAF was the brainchild of Twentieth Century-Fox's Anglophile studio head Darryl Zanuck. It's an entertaining bit of wartime flag-waving designed to sway neutral Americans over to the side of the beleaguered British.
Son of the legendary movie mogul Darryl Zanuck and actress Virginia Fox, he became the youngest studio head in history when he took over 20th Century Fox aged 28.
Yet Gentleman's Agreement is listed under the film's producer, Darryl Zanuck, rather than its director, Elia Kazan.
Peter Mitchell, Broxburn A Peter Lawford landed the role in the 1962 classic - because producer Darryl Zanuck reckoned his "royal" connections (he was married to the President's sister Margaret Kennedy) would smooth a path to using military equipment and personnel during shooting.