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After the tragic discovery of Rosa King's body, staff rushed to fetch a dart gun and hurled meat over a fence to lure the male called Cipip away from gates that had been left open by accident.
He shot my RSPCA poster of a red setter right between the eyes with a dart gun and he ran over my Barbie with his Action Man tank, rendering her already bizarre body mangled.
With Wolf at retirement age, what fueled his age discrimination claim?He pointed to comments made by Imus that "it was 'time to put [Wolf] out to pasture' and 'shoot him with an elephant dart gun.'" Wolf also emphasized that was replaced by a sportscaster who was "decades" younger than him.
Ajay then used a dart gun to sedate the leopard from inside the cage.
Cejuela said the latest incident of harassment happened in December, when some Filipinos lost a "pana", or dart gun, to the Chinese.
Wildlife Alliance's Nick Marx said the group cannot use a dart gun to sedate animals without permission, which can take time to obtain, and in this case never formally came through.
Officers reportedly were unable to neutralize or use a dart gun on the animal due to the proximity of homes and thick brush in the area.
Able said Ledbetter pulled out a Nerf dart gun at some point, then walked around the party, asking people, "Are you with me?" If the person answered "No," he shot them with the Nerf gun.
The product mix first expanded in 1972 with the Nerfoop (a basketball game set) and then the Nerf Football (actually invented by Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox.) But the true game changer began in 1992 with the Sharpshooter, a spring-loaded dart gun that shot Nerf projectiles and marked the start of the Blaster era.
[11] CPSC, "Child's asphyxiation deaths prompts recall of toy dart gun play set by OKK trading," 2009, Recalls/2010/Childs-Asphyxiation-Death-Prompts-Recall-ofToy-Dart-Gun-Play-Set-by-OKK-Trading/.
Mates Pete and Merv want to create a breakfast-making machine, and sci-fi fan Stewart wants to build a big robot, with metal claws and a foam dart gun. It's all a bit bonkers, but whose creation will be mad enough to win?