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n.1.(Anat.) A thin layer of peculiar contractile tissue directly beneath the skin of the scrotum.
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The dysplastic dartos should be loosened and resected completely to stretch and straighten penile shaft sufficiently.
Treatment involves formal delayed repair of the urethra and possible coverage by other tissue such as tunica vaginalis or dartos.
Epidermal kistlerinin sekonder kalsifikasyonu, dartos kasinin distrofik kalsifikasyonu, ekrin ter bezi kanali kalsifikasyonunun skrotal kalsinozisinin nedenleri olabilecegi goz onunde tutulsa bile, hastalik hala idiyopatik olarak degerlendirilmektedir.
The dartos muscle was closed with interrupted 0 vicryl and the skin with haemostatic 2/0 vicryl rapide mattress sutures.
10,12,28) Important margins to be examined in partial penectomy specimens include (1) proximal urethra and surrounding periurethral cylinder consisting of epithelium, lamina propria, corpus spongiosum, and penile fascia; (2) proximal shaft with corresponding corpora cavernosa separated and surrounded by the tunica albuginea and Buck fascia; and (3) skin of shaft with underlying corporal dartos (28) (Figure 1).
1 The septum is contiguous with the dartos muscle underneath the scrotal skin.
DartOS, which is master-less, load sharing and redundant, is made up of layers of software that execute in parallel on multiple CPUs and micro-controllers.
The blood supply of the penile skin was maintained by preserving the dartos fascia at the dorsum of the penis (Fig.