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A theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin and others, stating that all species of organisms have developed from other species, primarily through natural selection. Also called Darwinian theory.

Dar′win·ist n.
Dar′win·is′tic adj.


A. ADJdarwinista
B. Ndarwinista mf
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He shows that the nature of the First World War and its aftermath, together with the racist, anti-communist, Social Darwinist, and imperialist ideas already widely accepted in Wilhelmine and Weimar society, made a great many Germans ready to embrace the Fuhrer's message of total race war.
His view epitomises the nineteenth century social Darwinist belief in the fatal impact of indigenous contact with the European world: precontact Maori are idealised as simple and unspoiled; in contrast, contemporary Maori are a decadent and dying race, corrupted by European contact.
95 per cent of people exposed to the hugely popular film trilogy of Lord of the Rings believe that the Missing Link of Darwinist theory is hobbits, that the engulfing of Pompeii was caused by the eruption of Mount Doom and that giant elephants with six tusks crossed the Alps with Hannibal.
Hogan's chain of reasoning will win the grudging respect of Darwinist and creationist alike.
The argument is not that Heidegger was a Darwinist or an evolutionist.
the profusion of cynicism and contempt, the denigration of financial success, the honoring of self-esteem over self-respect, the decline in academic performance, the rise of the divorce rate, sex on television, politicians beholden to special interests, the rejection of objectivity in journalism, disrespect for authority figures, and, most importantly to Ruggiero, the rise of Progressivism in American political life) on the adoption of two views of human nature, which he identifies as Hereditarianism, a social Darwinist perspective that views biology as destiny and views most people as deficient in intelligence, and Humanistic Psychology, which elevated feelings over reason and placed the locus of authority within the individual.
In the outer frame of Dos partidos, dated December 1874, a fictionalized Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg explains that the "autor verdadero del juguete literario" (true author of the literary diversion), that is, the manuscript of Dos partidos, is his friend Ladislao Kaillitz, the Darwinist (Holmberg, page prior to 1 ["Dos Palabras"]).
Does Sullivan still champion social Darwinist policies that hurt the poor?
These chapters are aimed at countering Thompson's portrait of Frost as an egotistical, right wing, social Darwinist who treated his family brutally and who was competitive with other poets to a near maniacal extent.
Aldous Huxley was the grandson of a distinguished Victorian biologist and Darwinist who authored in 1932 a chilling indictment of progress gone mad - Brave New World.
That resistance, says Wade, is based in a fear of recapitulating the horrors of the 19th and 20th centuries--from Social Darwinist arguments against provisions for the welfare of the poor to the forced sterilization of those deemed mentally unfit to the epochal crime of the Holocaust--that had been rationalized as improvements to the human gene pool.