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Noun1.Dasypus - type genus of the DasypodidaeDasypus - type genus of the Dasypodidae  
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Dasypus novemcinctus, nine-banded armadillo, peba, Texas armadillo - having nine hinged bands of bony plates; ranges from Texas to Paraguay
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Of armadilloes three species occur namely, the Dasypus minutus or pichy , the D.
Nevertheless these glands have not been observed in Dasypus hybridus (Codon et al.) and Dasypus novemcinctus (Shackleford).
Home-range size and social spacing among female common long-nosed armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus).
As for the camera trap records, a total of two photos and one video, evidenced jaguar predation upon terrestrial prey species, including the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcintus), the Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) and the common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis), respectively (Table 1).
The nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus Linnaeus, 1758 is widely distributed from the lowlands of temperate South America to the southern USA.
Didelphis aurita (Wied-Neuwied, 1826) Mamiosops incamts (Lund, 1840) Metachims nudicaudatus (Desmarest, 1817) Didelphidae unidentified 3 18.8 50.0 Cingulata Dasypus sp.
virginiana, Dasypus novemcinctus y Urocyon cinereoargenteus, mientras que las de menos registros fueron Bassariscus sumichrasti, Nasua narica y Sciurus deppei.
Species removed (number of individuals in parentheses) from the airfield by personnel of the United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services during our study included the nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus (1), American beaver Castor canadensis (12), coyote Canis latrans (7), domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris (5), red fox Vulpes vulpes (1), Virginia opossum Didelphis virginiana (1), raccoon Procyon lotor (1), and striped skunk Mephitis mephitis (13).
Esta especie ha sido descrita en mamiferos dasipodidos (Dasypodidae): Dasypus novemcinctus de Brasil (Travassos, 1917; Lent y Freitas, 1938); en Tolypeutus tricinctus conurus de Bolivia (Meyer, 1933); en Chaetophractus vellerosus y Tolypeutus mataco procedentes de Argentina (Martinez, 1984) y en Tolypeutes matacus de Paraguay.
However, over the course of the past 30 years, naturally-acquired and experimental leprosy has been observed in chimpanzees, sooty mangabey monkeys, (1,2) and the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus).
Las especies de mamiferos mas reconocidas fueron: Armadillo de Nueve Bandas (Dasypus novemcinctus), Tigrillo (Leopardus pardalis), Ardilla Comun (Sciurus granatensis), Perezoso didactilo (Choloepus hoffmanni), Guatin o Agouti Dorado (Dasyprocta punctata), Mono Capuchino (Cebus capucinus), Zarigueya Comun o Chucha (Didelphis virginiana = Didelphis marsupialis) y Nutria (Lontra longicaudis).