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1. Doctor of Dental Science
2. Doctor of Dental Surgery


abbreviation for
1. (Library Science & Bibliography) Dewey Decimal System
2. (Dentistry) Doctor of Dental Surgery


1. Doctor of Dental Science.
2. Doctor of Dental Surgery.
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Noun1.DDS - a doctor's degree in dental surgery
doctorate, doctor's degree - one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university


. V. Doctor of Dental Surgery.
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AT & T Techs., Inc., 554 N.Y.S.2d 401, 405 (1990) (granting summary judgment to bulk supplier of dimethyformamide (DMF) on failure to warn claim for exposure to the chemical solvent from the component part of a dataphone used by worker).
Entre las principales empresas que participaron en e-Contact estan: Avaya, Oracle, iFone, Sitel, Dataphone, Nortel Networks, Capta, Lemon Tree, Migesa, Alcatel, Tecnolink, Telmex, Amipci, Avantel y otras companias provenientes de paises como Estados Unidos, Canada, Argentina, Brasil y Colombia entre otros.
The CDP also includes the Olympia Dataphone Manager software, which provides a convenient way to organize phonebooks and configuration settings on the handsets and base station.
He won pounds 63,000 from Midlands-based telecoms firm Dataphone (UK) Ltd.
On the other hand, the Inmarsat Global Area Network (GAN), branded as M4 DataPhone Service by Station 12, provides what is effectively ISDN via a portable terminal weighing less than 5 kg and which can be employed anywhere around the world - just one of a wide range of currently available cost-effective business solutions.
Dataphone has made available Quality Billing Manager, its new billing verification product.
Heldman anticipates that by 2010, society will be videophone- and voice-data-video-based, rather than the dataphone and data-based society of today.
Publishing systems manager Chet Andrews said his paper's staff worked with Southern New England Telephone to install Switched-56, while ImageNet supplied a list of the equipment needed and sold the paper a channel service unit (a digital signal regenerating device that occupies the place on a dataphone digital servide line that a modem would occupy on an analog voice telephone line) and his own integrated software system written for that particular manufacturers' CSU.
Investors' original network, before March 1989, consisted of UDS, AT&T Dataphone and Burroughs modems running 1200 b/s multi-point for ATMs.
Making the hookup of satellite communications for remote sites even simpler and more powerful, Station 12 has launched the M4 DataPhone service with a data capacity of 64 kb/s with ISDN communication.
Until the advent of F-T1 service, highvolume communications users had to choose between a full T1 link or a 56-kb/s Dataphone Digital Service (DDS) link.
And International Dataphone Digital Service provides 56-kb/s transmission over trans-Atlantic cable systems.