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(Architecture) a variant spelling of dacha


(ˈdɑ tʃə)

n., pl. -chas.
a Russian country house or villa.
[1895–1900; < Russian: orig., allotment of land]
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So Dacia (it's pronounced datcha, by the way, and meant 'home' in ancient Romanian, so they tell me) has achieved the seemingly impossible.
A memorial event is also being planned in Turkey where her favourite places was Icmeler, on the Datcha peninsula, not far from Marmaris.
He opened Zuma Datcha Peninsula in south Turkey two months after Zuma Abu Dhabi, and oversaw the operations of Zuma Istanbul, which is now on a refurbishment programme.
Traven, La Datcha en Russie de 19177t nos jours (Paris: Editions du Sextant, 2005).
J'ai eu des problemes cet ete parce que la parcelle mitoyenne de sa datcha [typique maison de campagne russe] etait en vente et ils souhaitaient l'acheter.
Dacia - pronounced Datcha - has been transformed under the Renault banner to the point that it has sold 1.
The European mission has established its general quarters in a building previously reserved for official receptions in a residential park in the heights of Tbilisi, not far from the former datcha belonging to Shevardnadze, the first president of independent Georgia (and last minister of foreign affairs in the URSS under Gorbachev).
Ronan Hervouet, Datcha Blues: Existences ordinaires et dictature en Bielorussie.
Las gated communites sirven para diferentes propositos y tienen diferentes significados culturales; por ejemplo, sentido de propiedad para trabajadores expatriados en Arabia Saudita, vivienda socialista datcha en Moscu; seguridad para la gente pobre de Asia, proteccion de residentes en zonas violentas de Sudafrica, sentimiento de emergencia de la elite en Bulgaria y China, casas patrocinadas por las industrias de la Europa del Este.
Les multiples usages de la datcha des jardins collectifs en Russie
En esta dizque datcha hay un sistema central de calefaccion de los anos 30 o 40.
Friends who knew Jessica said she loved going to Turkey, which was her favourite place, and was particularly fond of Icmeler, a popular holiday resort on the Datcha peninsula, not far from Marmaris.