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 (dī-jôn′) also Tae·jon (tī-)
A city of central South Korea south-southeast of Seoul. It is an agricultural center and a railroad hub.
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The biggest among the approved expansion projects was that of Datian Subic Shoes Inc.
In China, some related research has been carried out, such as the report of investigation on birds in Datian National Nature Reserve, Hainan Preliminary (Liu et al., 2004b), the seasonal variation of large and small Sugan Lake (wetland) bird diversity (Bao et al., 2007), the bird diversity and the protection of the Daxiao zhan river Wetland National Nature, Heilongjiang River (Zhou et al., 2011).
Wild Cu/Zn-SOD was purchased from Datian Huacan Biotechnology Co.
After entering China in 1989 by buying the Flying Tigers freight airline to gain routes to 21 Asian countries, FedEx spent $400 million in 2007 to take over a joint venture with Tianjin Datian W.
Hall 8B Qingdao Woodworking Qingdao Yongqiang, Qingdao Machinery Pavilion Haomailong, Qingdao Haozhonghao, Baishengyuan, Huachengtian, Xicheng Weiye, Linze, Headspring, Shanshui, Schnell, Sunup, Jinfangyuan, Godn, Zhongyi, Runxiang, Ronghongxiang Chengsen, SUBA, Jianlong, Jinshenglin, Datian, Huachun, Xinehua, Weierte, Weishun, etc.
Recently, three large companies have begun to separate from their mainland Chinese joint venture partners: UPS bought out Sinotrans's express operations in 23 Chinese cities; Kerry Logistics, a Hong Kong-based company, bought out EAS International Transportation; and FedEx acquired its partner Tianjin Datian W.
The artistic talent represented by Fortune Fine Art includes Michael Albrechtsen, John Asaro, John Michael Carter, Datian Ming Feng, Daniel F.
But "even people who claim they don't like eggplant love these easy meatballs," says Christine Datian. You can use a small ice cream scoop to shape them quickly.