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dat·ing service

A business or organization that arranges blind dates between clients or members, usually by matching profiles made by clients when they join.
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According to ( TechRadar , previous rumors claimed that instead of naming the S9's successor as Galaxy S10, the company could go with Galaxy X and follow a yearly dating system for subsequent releases.
? A NEW online dating system is helping with the matchmaking of black lemurs at the zoo.
* CE for Common Era and BCE for Before the Common Era are new terms being used to de-Christianize the dating system now used largely by non-Christians around the globe.
Further, because of a flawed dating system, over 40% of the food produced in the United States--worth $165 billion annually--is never eaten.
The emperor had persecuted Christians, so there was good reason to expunge him from the new dating system in favour of one inspired by the birth of Christ.
Even more difficult to fathom is why we suffer a dating system installed in 325AD by those same invaders.
"By taking lots of samples, we took eight, if they are all consistent with one another, you can be fairly sure you have a robust dating system. The dates showed the first two surfaces were built in the first century BC."
We have to have a dating system with a basic reference point.
A widowed man sets up a computer dating system, and his two daughters decide to put his details into the system in the hope of finding him a new wife.
Readers will learn about the emergence of the dating system in the early twentieth century and its demise toward the century's end; the reasons behind the escalating rates of cohabitation after 1970 and the extent to which cohabitation has become an alternate to marriage; the growing disconnect between marriage and childbearing; and the emergence and transformation of family-centered traditions.
There is a celebrity dating system - if you are interested in somebody famous, you call their manager.
Companies attending a Meet the Buyer event organised by the Regional Food Group for Yorkshire and Humber adopted a speed dating system for their talks with potential customers.