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a.1.Smeary; viscous; glutinous; adhesive.
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Then arrived, two by two, with a gravity which made a contrast in the midst of the frisky ecclesiastical escort of Charles de Bourbon, the eight and forty ambassadors of Maximilian of Austria, having at their head the reverend Father in God, Jehan, Abbot of Saint-Bertin, Chancellor of the Golden Fleece, and Jacques de Goy, Sieur Dauby, Grand Bailiff of Ghent.
PCH CEO Randy Dauby made brief remarks after the ribbon cutting and thanked those who helped in construction and financing of the building.
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Of a number of ethnographic video works included in the Biennale, the Taiwan-based team of Yannick Dauby (sound) and Wan-Shuen Tsai (video) presents the most compelling integration of serious ethnographic fieldwork and deft audiovisual aesthetics, though it is ill served by the cavernous industrial architecture of Carriageworks.
During the Opening General Session, NTCA Past President Jim Dauby handed the gavel to new NTCA President Doug Boone of Premier Communications (Sioux Center, Iowa), making Boone the first NTCA president to represent a commercial company.
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Her family found her body hidden, wrapped in plastic, under a sofa in the flat Dauby spent three hours cleaning before going on the run.
The best natural ingredient can only be manufactured from the finest raw material," explained Antoine Dauby, group marketing director, Naturex Inc.
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