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 (dō-dā′), Alphonse 1840-1897.
French writer of the naturalist school whose stories of life in his native Provence include Lettres de mon moulin (1869).


(French dodɛ)
(Biography) Alphonse (alfɔ̃s). 1840–97, French novelist, short-story writer, and dramatist: noted particularly for his humorous sketches of Provençal life, as in Lettres de mon moulin (1866)


(doʊˈdeɪ, dɔ-)

1. Alphonse, 1840–97, French writer.
2. his son, Léon, 1867–1942, French writer.
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This may not be saying a great deal, but it is saying the truth, and I do not mind owning that he has been one of my great literary passions, almost as great as Flaubert, and greater than Daudet or Maupassant, though I have profoundly appreciated the exquisite artistry of both these.
What you said so perfectly hits off French art now, painting and literature too, indeed--Zola, Daudet.
Alphonse Daudet had come also, and he had given her a copy of Sappho: he had promised to write her name in it, but she had forgotten to remind him.
Frenchman Daniel Daudet, 40, obtained a PPS number under the name Alexander Daude in 2002 and claimed unemployment, Back To Education and rent allowances up to 2015.
Aunque se las daba de literato y fue muy querido por Alphonse Daudet (a quien injurio cuando este acepto una boda civil para su hija), a Drumont, hombre de muchas lecturas de las que obtuvo escaso provecho, se le cayo de las manos El capital, de Marx, y cualquier otro libro sustancioso.
Ecrivain, journaliste et homme politique francais, Leon Daudet disait deja en 1924 que [beaucoup moins que] (.
No en vano se contaban entre sus escasos amigos nada menos que Ivan Turgueniev, Alphonse Daudet y Gustave Flaubert.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to: Daudet Ilunga Tshiswaka, University of West Florida, Department of Public Health, 11000 University Parkway, Pensacola.
237 seconds as France's Sylvain Andre and Joris Daudet finished 1-2 with times of 36.
Au recto, une dedicace de Lucien Daudet [beaucoup moins que] a (s) on cher Marcel [beaucoup plus grand que].
There is much of the psychology and pacing that suggests George Simenon's nonmysteries, and the story evokes the nineteenth-century French realists in their gentler vein: Maupassant, Daudet, even Balzac.
Of course I was inspired by writers ranging from [Alphonse] Daudet to [Jean-Paul] Sartre.