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(Placename) the Latvian name for the Western Dvina


(ˈdvi nə)

1. Also called Western Dvina. Latvian, Daugava. a river rising in the Valdai Hills in the W Russian Federation, flowing W through Belorussia and Latvia to the Baltic Sea at Riga. ab. 640 mi. (1030 km) long.
2. Also called Northern Dvina. a river in the N Russian Federation in Europe, flowing NW into the White Sea. ab. 470 mi. (750 km) long.
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ere was a sudden surge of bets placed on more than UEFA had been keeping an eye on the game prior to kick–off in an ongoing match–fixing probe which includes Daugava Riga matches.
As McInnes, left, aims to deliver a similar destruction of Daugava tonight in their Europa League return he was impressed by the Germans refusal to ease up.
Water meters DN-15 replacement and installation of stations Daugava and center.
and ended up in a fight with local farmer Craig Evans DID YOU KNOW: Pontin''s Holiday Centre was the location for a 1973 movie of the popular British TV series On The Buses, called unsurprisingly, Holiday on the Buses VMETALURGS POPULATION: 82,386 AVERAGE CROWD: 482 BOSS: Janis Intenbergs NAME OF GROUND: Daugava Stadium STAR PLAYER: Pavels Doroevs TOWN'S FAMOUS FOR: Its pristine Blue Flag beach with white sand and rolling dunes.
One protester, Russia and Northern Europe competition champion, Janis Rozitis, on his bike, jumped into the Daugava river.
Blinking into Latvia's searing Baltic heat beside the team hotel on the banks of the Daugava River, Clingan found himself surrounded by the steeples of several of the capital's historic churches.
Southampton, whose forwards are playing out of their skins at the moment, particularly Marians Pahars, scorer of Latvia's goal in their 2-1 loss to Norway at Riga's Daugava Stadium on Saturday, are overpriced at 2-1 to win what should be a lively contest.
At Balmoor, McInnes rang the changes from their Europa League hammering of Daugava Riga in the first-round, first-leg game.
Grindeks is planning to invest 36 million euros in the building, to be located on the right bank of the Daugava river near Salu bridge.
SHAY LOGAN has set his sights on Aberdeen grabbing a place in the Europa League group stage following their 5-0 first-leg win over Daugava Riga.
for Birmingham against Maribor and it was from about the same distance as my goal against Daugava – a few yards.
Logan opened the floodgates for the Dons against Daugava Riga with the opening goal as the Latvians were crushed 5-0 in the Europa League.