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Noun1.D. W. Griffith - United States film maker who was the first to use flashbacks and fade-outs (1875-1948)
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Young brothers and farmers George and David Griffith traveled from Kentucky to Colorado in 1858 in search of fresh mountain air and fortunes in gold.
His interest in the story of the 19th-century missionary David Griffith led him to translate into English (from Welsh) his History of Madagascar, which takes up the middle third of this volume.
FORMER DTZ man James Metcalf has teamed up with two former colleagues - Simon Harland and David Griffith - at HG9, Newcastle's new investment firm.
Their latest vote-grabbing policy, announced last week by party co-ordinator Reverend David Griffith, is to demand the removal of the dragon from the national flag.
It was received by David Griffith and chairman Alan Turner.
Following David Griffith's victory in the 2009 John Smith's People's Race at Aintree on Grand National Day, The Midlands Air Ambulance yesterday received a pounds 25,000 donation from race sponsors John Smith's to celebrate his success.
GOOD NEIGHBOURS: David Griffith (left) and Alan Turner; THIRD AWARD: Sgt Stephen Beard helped to restrain burglar
In the prosecution's closing speech, Ross Stone and Thomas Haigh were said to have killed David Griffith and Brett Flournoy, as a joint enterprise.
David Griffith, of the International Council For The Exploration Of The Sea, said: "Our evidence indicates the current fishing pressure on these stocks is much too high."
David Griffith, general secretary of the Copenhagen-based council said: "There is still no clear sign that cod stocks in the North Sea, Irish Sea and west of Scotland are making a recovery.
TRIBUTES have been paid to "one of a kind" Normanby man David Griffiths, dubbed by colleagues "the best rigger in the North Sea".
Southwell David Carr LIFE without Take Cover will be happier for David Griffiths should Ornate continue his current revival.