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Noun1.David Hilbert - German mathematician (1862-1943)
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The Carrier Mills-Stonefort High School Students of the 3rd Quarter Award winners are: Freshmen History Award (Christopher Columbus Award) -- Megan Nordby, Freshmen Literature Award (Mark Twain Award) -- Zavier Rollins, Freshmen Science Award (Marie Curie Award) -- Ethan Morse, Freshmen Math Award (David Hilbert Award) -- Nathan Collins, Sophomore Literature Award (Edgar Allan Poe Award) -- Sammy Morris, Sophomore Math Award (Leonhard Euler Award) -- Heidi Bush, Sophomore Science Award (Louis Pasteur Award) -- Anahbeth Leiter, Sophomore History Award (Neil Armstrong Award) -- Judd Patterson, Junior Literature Award (John Steinbeck Award) -- Riley Harper, Junior Math Award (G.F.
In their article "Numerical Patterns and Geometrical Configurations" on pages 82-92 of Mathematics Magazine 57 (1984), Harold Dorwart and Warren Page note that the venerable David Hilbert once remarked "...
The Hilbert Transform (HT) is named after David Hilbert (1862-1943), who used it for generating analytical functions in connection with the Riemann problem.
In a 1925 lecture, German mathematician David Hilbert referenced a hypothetical hotel with an infinite number of rooms, all occupied.
David Hilbert (1862-1943) did his first mathematical work in classical Invariant Theory, a major area of research in the second part of the 19th century.
RESUMEN: El articulo presenta una interpretacion del abordaje axiomatico temprano a la geometria de David Hilbert, i.e., el desarrollado entre 1891 y 1905.
CREDITS: Directed by Cevin Soling, David Hilbert. Reviewed on DVD, New York.
The editors begin their inquiry into the nature and reality of the infinite with a rousing call from the mathematician David Hilbert, who asserts that "no other concept stands in greater need of clarification than that of the infinite." In this collection, more than a dozen contributors representing mathematics, cosmology, philosophy, and theology seek diligently to provide that clarification, and they mostly succeed.
Back in 2003, with a narrower focus, the Bill Gates Foundation set up by the founder of Microsoft produced a list of the Grand Challenges for Health in the 21st century, and they harked back to an even earlier list - a set of grand challenges in maths set by the mathematician David Hilbert 100 years ago.