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Noun1.David Hume - Scottish philosopher whose sceptical philosophy restricted human knowledge to that which can be perceived by the senses (1711-1776)David Hume - Scottish philosopher whose sceptical philosophy restricted human knowledge to that which can be perceived by the senses (1711-1776)
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A like remark applies to David Hume, of whose philosophy the central principle is the denial of the relation of cause and effect.
The way was partly prepared for Gibbon by two Scottish historians, his early contemporaries, the philosopher David Hume and the clergyman William Robertson, but they have little of his scientific conscientiousness.
David Hume, a farm consultant at Alnwick-based land agents George F.
com ULSTER SCOTS AUTUMN TALKS - HENRY JOY & MARY ANN - A BELFAST TRAGEDY Date: Monday 9 October Location: Community Hall, Park Way, Comber Description: A talk by Dr David Hume.
It showcases treasured artefacts, curiosities and buildings including the Scott Monument, the Thistle Chapel at St Giles' Cathedral, a 90-year old paint mixer used on the Forth Bridge and the lucky toe on the Royal Mile statue of philosopher David Hume.
Spencer collects essays, articles, reviews, chapters, and other texts ranging from a few pages to about 20 that reveal how people in early America responded to the work of Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-76).
The Law School, including the library, is to relocate to David Hume Tower, to allow work to take place with the minimum of disruption.
Another breakthrough occurs in the fourth chapter, which deals with the Aberdonian response to David Hume.
Although some of the claims made by the authors in this volume may be questioned, in terms of their various attempts to unify the philosophical and historical sides of David Hume, the collection as a whole represents a significant contribution to the growing scholarship on this important aspect of Hume's thought.
in 1748 the scottish enlightenment philosopher David hume published A Treatise Concerning human understanding.
Lee David Hume, 43, from Collingwood Grange, Cramlington, has been charged with one count of rape and three counts of assault.
Synpromics Limited is based in NINE, Bioquarter, Edinburgh and has a highly renowned Scientific Advisory Board including Professor Jonathan Jones (Sainsbury Laboratory), Dr David Lawrence (ex CSO of Syngenta) and Professor David Hume (Director of the Roslin Institute).